Hi! I’m Chanel (aka Nell). I’m sometimes sarcastic, often inappropriate and my life is currently…a bit of a mess. Whoops.

If you’re interested in following the ups and downs of the life of this 30-something recovering loner and self-proclaimed dating pariah, you are in the right place. Loner’s Guide To Life is essentially a digital trash can for me to dump anything I am thinking, feeling or experiencing in daily life.

Being a loner comes with many “awesome” perks, one of which includes having no one to talk to or confide in. However, I am working on becoming more s–sooo….social by allowing people to see me for the intriguing, but somewhat peculiar individual that I am. Publicly posting my internal dialogue seems like a fun way to get the job done, but we’ll see how that goes.

Join me as I get to work renovating myself and my life. From pursuing long held career aspirations to challenging myself in new and undoubtedly awkward ways, I will capture every humorous and cringeworthy moment of my existence. By sharing my triumphs, failures, hopes and fears, I hope to help or at least entertain others. It’d be even better to connect with my readers!


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Pearl.Cried.Wolf. is a melancholic and sultry poetry blog inspired by the darker side of old Hollywood–written from the perspective of my alter ego, Pearl. (www.pearlcriedwolf.wordpress.com)


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