Soooo apparently it has been a year since I started this blog. I had NO idea.

At least, I had no idea until I got an email from WordPress saying, “Hey, it’s been a year since you started your subscription. Since you completely ignored the last email we sent 30 days ago about your yearly renewal date coming up, here is a notification that we’ve just charged you $100 for the next year. Hope you accounted for that in your budget! Cheers!”

And the answer is no. No, I did not. 😒

ANYWAY, I’m super happy about it being the blog’s first anniversary. And though I’ve felt inclined to delete the whole thing and vanish into the ether several times throughout the last year, we’re still here, so let’s try to make the most of my hundred bucks, shall we? ☺️

Before I get into my little announcement though, I just want to give a huge

🍾🥂 THANK YOU 🎂🎉 

to all 118 of you wonderful people who have (for some reason) decided to follow this blog. Whether you never miss a post or you are a drive-by reader, you guys are a huge reason behind my refusal to give up on this whole thing.

There have been countless times that I’ve felt discouraged, only to have someone post a kind comment, decide to follow, or “like” one of my posts. You guys have no idea how much those things mean to a small time writer such as myself. It can be really, really hard to stay motivated and encouraged when you feel as though you’re just talking to yourself. Interaction lets me know that someone is out there getting something from my content, and it gives me an extra push to keep going, you know?

❤️ Thank you. Seriously. ❤️


Since we are going into the blog’s second year, I’ve been trying to think of something to add on here that would help me connect with more of you, grow readership, and keep things interesting, but all I came up with is a stupid podcast.

I know, right? Me? With a podcast? I can barely get on here and peck out a half decent post when I’m supposed to. How the heck do I think I’m going to have an entire podcast? Furthermore, I’ve never even listened to a podcast! What’s a podcast?! 🧐

Okay, so I know what a podcast is… (awkward silence that indicates that I may or may not be telling the complete truth about that…) I mean, it couldn’t be that hard, could it? You just get a mic and talk. I can buy a mic. I have a mouth that works. Easy!

Besides, I was totally obsessed with the radio when I was a kid; I would always walk around with my tape recorder pretending to be an on-air radio personality. I mean–AHEM!–if I was actually old enough to remember when people still talked on the radio… or knew what things called tape recorders were… but of course, I don’t because that would make me, like, REALLY ancient. 🤥

Eventually, I’d like to start a Youtube channel, but you know…editing, filming, more editing. Meh. Let’s see if I can somehow master talking into a microphone on a semi-annual basis before jumping into filming myself for all to see. 🎬

So yeah, let’s totally be random and start a podcast! It will be fun. I think I’m a lot more animated when I talk than in writing, so you guys might really enjoy it. I mean, you will definitely (hopefully??) enjoy it. “And this message has been brought to you by a false sense of confidence… fake it til’ you make it!”

Now the big question is: What should the podcast be about?

I really would love it if you guys could share some ideas down below because you’d be the listeners and I want to be sure that you actually want to hear what I produce. I know getting some of you to comment is sometimes like conjuring a unicorn on my front yard (not gonna happen), but if you think a podcast might be entertaining, or even super lame and annoying, or if you just wanna be a creepo and hear what I sound like: Share your ideas!

For example, I’ve always wanted to be like Dr. Ruth and give people advice… minus being kinda wrinkly and talking about sex all of the time. We could have a little advice podcast where you guys tweet or message questions and dilemmas for me to give my ten cents about. That could actually be pretty funny because you should never ask random people on the Internet to ask you anything. I dunno though… might be fun.

Or… I could give commentary on random news stories I’ve read. Truth be told, my newsfeed gets downright weird and cringey sometimes. I have no idea what publications I’ve been following, but some of that stuff could elicit quite the response from me–especially celebrity “news”. I actually don’t give a rat’s back end about celebrity gossip, but I tend to rant about it anyway. Might be a good time.

Though you guys might be surprised to hear this, I’m a bit of a shade queen at times. But like I always say, I don’t throw shade… I summon full eclipses. 😉

Let’s Chat About This!

So, you guys know what to do.

If you’d be willing to hear me ramble every once in awhile or you have an idea you think might be cool, please let me know in the comments down below.

I mean, likes are awesome sauce, but unfortunately, some people like stuff they didn’t even read.

You can seriously comment anything to let me know you’re interested.

Heck, even 💩 would suffice LOL

After all, I don’t bite… and even if I did bite, I’m fairly sure I don’t have rabies.

*foams at the mouth*

If you enjoyed this little blurb, I’d greatly appreciate you giving it a like or sharing it with someone you think might also enjoy it.
Is there specific content you’d like to see more of on here? Please let me know! I’m always open to suggestions/requests.
Last, but not least, don’t forget to follow this blog for more stories and ramblings! Ciao for now! ❤


*Featured Photo Credit: Seej Nguyen on Pexels*
*All written content is that of yours truly. Plagiarism sucks. If you “borrow” something from someone you should always give credit where it is due, so please be sure to do so. Karma will thank you.*

Written by nellsinaeternum

Just a girl lost in a daydream who is trying her best to color inside of the lines like everyone else, but is finding the act of smearing watercolor outside of the lines much, much more enjoyable.

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