Today I decided it might be nice to spruce myself up in preparation for my birthday. 

(Naturally) I’m not going anywhere, doing anything (interesting), or seeing anyone (unless my cat counts), BUT I will have to look at myself at some point tomorrow.

Therefore, I figured it’d be best to look half decent for my own amusement. “Hobo chic” totally works for me most days, buuut I guess it won’t hurt to put forth minimal effort one day a year.

As part of my restoration project, I dug through one of my bathroom vanity drawers in search of a face mask. I quite like K-beauty products as a whole, but Korean face masks… those are my entire world. Besides, when I put them on I look like Jason Voorhees— it’s kinda creepy. 

Well, I mean, I look like Jason Voorhees if he wore poorly matching pajama pants and embarrassingly oversized shirts during his workday. I guess in that light, it isn’t so much creepy as it is sad. I really should think about changing my household attire.

Anyhow, while rifling through my selection of sheet masks, I happened upon one that really grabbed my attention:

 Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence Mask

It is in critical times such as these that I wish my Korean was fully operational. If this had been the case, I could have scanned the package for more information regarding this peculiar skincare specimen instead of taking to the Internet to publicly express my confusion. However, due to gross negligence, rampant inattentiveness and a proclivity for Netflix binges, my Korean skills are not yet where they should be. 

Vegetable placenta, huh? Hmm. That really is something else. Call me downright ignorant, but I honestly never knew there was such a thing as… “vegetable placenta”. 

Part of me wonders if this is another beauty industry hoax like mascara and shampoo results being similar to those portrayed in commercials. We all know perfectly well that most of the models in those commercials are wearing false lashes and wigs (lol).

Besides, if vegetable placenta is a thing…Why?! 

They say it is supposed to firm, regenerate and moisturize the face. I want firmness! I want regeneration! However, I’m not sure I’m excited by the idea of having to slather my face in zucchini “afterbirth essence” in order to do it. 

Will I still eventually try this particular face mask? Absolutely. However, for today, I will choose the rose mask and get on with my life.

It does make me wonder though… was it a girl or a boy? 😀

Have you ever come across or tried any weird beauty products/treatments? Was it worth the hype? What about this fine face mask here? Would you be interested in trying it out for yourself? 
I’d love to hear what other strange beauty trends and items are out there in the world, so please feel free to share your thoughts down below.
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Written by nellsinaeternum

Just a girl lost in a daydream who is trying her best to color inside of the lines like everyone else, but is finding the act of smearing watercolor outside of the lines much, much more enjoyable.

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