Hey, everyone! Today’s post details my first few days working at the job that ended up being my favorite of all time. Somehow, someway I got lucky enough to score a position working for a major title company when I was still a lowly college student. Just thinking back to my time working for them makes my innards feel all warm and fuzzy…like a cashmere sweater or a newborn kitten.

Thinking back, it is easy to see how I came to love working there. Between the good pay and frequent (aka. weekly) in-office cocktail parties, the general nature of the job made very good use of my natural abilities. My co-workers were (mostly) amazing and best of all, I loved my boss (the feeling was actually quite mutual). I’d give anything to work for her again.

Having befriended my boss early on, I enjoyed a great degree of autonomy. She admittedly showed me and a fellow co-worker (whom I eventually befriended) a great deal of favoritism, which added to the comfortability and enjoyment of the job. It was not unusual for our boss to call us into the meeting room in the middle of the day just to hang out and gossip about other employees. Unprofessional? Possibly. Appreciated? Ab-so-lute-ly!

The most humorous thing about me having gotten this job is that I completely bombed my interview—my boss actually said so at the time. Not only was I inappropriately dressed for a corporate job interview (I wore a preppy cardigan sweater with heels and jeans for goodness sakes), I was fifteen minutes late arriving (stupid Mapquest gave me the wrong directions).

When I was forced to call the office and ask for accurate directions, my soon-to-be boss was understandably annoyed, so by the time I reached the interview I was humiliated. Who knows what the heck I ended up saying to that woman! I think I just babbled something about being a “go-getter” and let the cards fall as they may. Whatever I said, I got hired. The rest is history.

Despite loving my job, there was a thorn thoroughly embedded in my side for awhile: Olga. Olga was an ornery, 24-year old mother of six who did everything within her power to make her co-workers downright miserable. No matter what I personally tried to do, she treated me like the dirt on the sole of her shoes. Olga had worked for the company for several years, so she took her seniority a bit too seriously. However, she was also notoriously lazy.

Well, let’s just say that Olga didn’t last for too long after I was hired. Actually, she got herself fired when someone let it slip about Olga’s boyfriend coming into the office against company policy whenever the boss was out of the office. Someone also told our boss about Olga using the office phone to place personal calls while on the clock. By “someone”, I mean the two employees my boss had designated as her eyes and ears: me and my office bestie, Crystal.

I’m not going to lie…I do feel kind of bad that Olga ended up losing her job—now. But at the time, I was praising sweet baby Jesus and thanking my lucky stars.


September 19, 2006 


I went to work today. Another day, another dollar. I’m very happy about that. I actually closed out 36 accounts today. That’s exactly how many slots there are on the production sheet. It’s only my second day in the office, but finishing 36 files is a big deal. Some veterans in the office still can’t do that. I was so proud of myself. Emily seemed really impressed too.

Emily is my boss. OMG. She is so nice. I was kinda scared of her at first, but she isn’t as hard-nosed as I’d thought. Your boss can seriously make or break your entire work experience, but things are going really well for me so far. I love this job already.

Not all of my account files were perfect today, but that was because I wasn’t taught everything in order to do them right. Thanks, Olga. On the positive side, Emily sat with me and answered a lot of my questions today, so I appreciated that.

It was amazing to end the day and realize how much work I had done. I wasn’t able to print any of the final policies or anything though; I think I have to make corrections or something. I dunno. I haven’t really gotten around to using that part of the computer system yet. Maybe I should go in early tomorrow and ask Emily about it… before Olga gets there.

I don’t think Olga likes me at all. Scratch that. I know she hates me. She is always giving me dirty looks. Of course, she was the miserable ingrate that “trained” me. The entire time I was sitting with her she refused to answer any of my questions. I tried being extra friendly, but she snubbed her nose at me.

Whatever though. We are there to work, not make friends. I sit at my desk, type away, go to Starbucks, go to the bathroom and go home. Make that money. I’m already friendly with everyone else in our department as well some of the warehouse people, so Olga clearly has a problem. Herself. It’s funny though because no one else talks to her. I think she is just a brat to everyone.

I paid four cards off in full today. The total amounted to a little under $2500. Gosh. It makes me sick just thinking about it, but at least I don’t have to worry about it any longer. I have just enough left  to fund my gas needs for the week and buy Adam’s anniversary gift.

Speaking of his gift, I’ve got some super cute ideas for that. I’ll be going out after work on Friday to get everything together. Yay! I’m so excited to see his face when he sees what I’ve put together for him. I hope he loves it. I wonder what he’s planning for me. Only time will tell!



Written by nellsinaeternum

Just a girl lost in a daydream who is trying her best to color inside of the lines like everyone else, but is finding the act of smearing watercolor outside of the lines much, much more enjoyable.

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