Contrary to what would be a perfectly understandable and acceptable assumption, I have not fallen off the weight loss wagon. I can just imagine it now: Me, rolling down a hill of cupcakes and conveniently landing on the sofa…right next to a box of chocolates. (Sigh) If only.

No, my good friends, I have actually done my best not to ditch my weight loss goals for an entire carton of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. Of course, this wasn’t the easiest task for me, what with moving and the flu and all. It’s not been what I’d exactly hoped, but I’m still here and still trying. Surely that counts for something, right?

Well, even if my efforts are actually complete crap, I’m here to update you guys on what I’ve been up to post-flu. I mean, let’s just be honest here…I didn’t do jack all in the span of time between my last update and two weeks ago. But don’t worry! I’m back in the game and I’m here to win. 🙂



Me Versus Scale

Truthfully, I gained like, five or six pounds during the move. I’m not entirely surprised though. It was a bit stressful trying to get things sorted out, so I didn’t exactly concern myself with weight loss. It seemed like a better idea to simply get everything the way I wanted it, get myself settled and then worry about this parasitic fat clinging to my body.

And I shouldn’t even say this, but let me go ahead and do it anyway: I’m low-key glad I got as sick as I did. I know, I know, I’m awful and I’m sorry. You see, the thing is…I completely lost my appetite for over a month when I got sick. In fact, my appetite is still not back to normal, so I haven’t been eating very much at all. The best advantage? I lost everything I gained during the move plus 3.4 lbs.

Do you have any idea how LONG it has been since I’ve been able to lose three full pounds? I know that may sound trivial and perhaps downright pathetic to most people, but it is actually quite hard for me to lose weight. It’s kind of a bummer because I used to lose weight so easily and quickly in the past, but between getting older and having PCOS, I have to work a lot harder these days just to see a negligible loss. So while others may think that this is hardly a loss worth mentioning or celebrating, I was seriously moved to tears when I saw the scale.




Okay, so I haven’t been cooking as much as I probably could have. Naturally, I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: 1.) I’ve only just managed to claw my way out of the sea of moving boxes, so I am still trying to figure out how to operate the new oven and stove; and 2.) I was pretty much super-glued to my bed for three weeks straight. Food was hardly holding priority over survival. That being said, my diet has pretty much revolved around grabbing whatever looks edible—and eating it. I couldn’t be bothered to exert effort over a meal.

To be honest, I haven’t been very strict about the specifics of what I’ve been eating. I’ve had to break up with calorie tracking (way too time consuming), so I have no clue what I’m consuming on a daily basis. I simply eat when I’m hungry and I don’t eat when I’m not.

On Mondays-Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays I only eat one main meal a day with maybe one snack. I often eat out on Fridays, so I’ll normally have a decent lunch and a moderate dinner—no snacks. I know a lot of people don’t particularly agree with having only one meal a day, but it is honestly what my body seems to prefer.

Moving forward, I will be cooking more now that I’ve found all of the cookware. I’m actually thinking about trying keto (God help me). The idea of intentionally consuming a truckload of the very thing I am trying to rid myself of not only sounds super scary, but downright insane. After seeing some people I know do really well on it, my curiosity is admittedly peaked.

Will I try it? Will it work for me? Will I accidentally puff up like a bouncy house and roll away somewhere? I don’t know! I’m still looking into it and deciding if it is worth the risk, but I will definitely document my progress with that if I end up trying it out.

Oh, and sour gummy bears. I’ve been treating myself to 3-5 sour gummy bears each day. 🙂




When it comes to my workouts, I’ve actually been really proud of myself. Being sick for all that time really reminded me how important it is to be healthy and actually feel healthy. I hadn’t been sick in so many years that I had completely forgotten how depressing it can be to want to move around and accomplish things, yet not be able to. All I could think about was how badly I want to lose this weight and get back to being the person I used to be.

Keeping that in mind, I kind of pushed myself to start working out a little too soon after being sick. I had some pretty concerning asthma complications for a few weeks after the flu started to let up, so breathing was not fun at all. I’m doing much better now, so it’s all good, but I do realize that I should probably work on moderation every once in awhile lol. All the same, I hopped right on my rowing machine—hacking and sputtering away. 😀

I’ve been kind of annoyed with myself for having to take things so slow, but I realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Oh gosh, did I seriously just say that? Anyway, I’ve been shooting for a solid 30 minutes of exercise everyday (unless I feel like I need a day or two off). I’m truthfully used to 1 to 2 hours, but I know I’m not 100% there—yet. We’re working on it though, so give me a minute to get myself back on track.

Rowing is my main focus (although I’m getting ready to add the treadmill back in), so I’m really trying to improve my time and overall performance. When I first got back to working out I was hitting 2 miles in like, 33 minutes. Not great lol. I hit 2 miles in 26 minutes today, so there is improvement. I’m definitely stronger and my lungs aren’t collapsing on themselves, so I’m doing okay haha. I’m honestly not sure what a “good” time would be for 2 miles (feel free to tell me if you’re a rowing expert), but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be taking that long.


I try to alternate days between rowing and weights, so I thought I’d share my current routine with you guys in case you were interested in joining me. When I first tried this routine it was a tiny bit challenging simply because I hadn’t used my 10 lb dumbbells in a really long time (I only had my 3 lb ones when I moved). However, by the second time I tried it, the difficulty was spot on. It’s quick, relatively painless and I’m already super pleased with the results.


Until Next Time…

So yeah guys, that’s pretty much it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll do another update, but I hope to have some more good news soon.

In the next few weeks I hope to make a decision about doing keto, and I’m thinking about doing a gallbladder cleanse (major fail incoming haha). I also want to spice up my workouts with Zumba and such (I have so many workout DVDs—-it’s ridiculous). I’d actually really like to get back into my bellydancing workouts because they’re super fun and effective. Annndd…if I could lose 5 more lbs I’d be totally stoked out of my mind. Here’s to hoping!

I think the main objective for me is to stay encouraged. I’ve been battling myself and my weight for so long that the process starts to feel unspeakably discouraging. The last two days were really difficult for me…not just from a weight loss perspective, but from a life perspective. There’s just so much that I want to accomplish in this lifetime. I sometimes feel…incapable, I guess. It’s not always easy to smile in the face of adversity and roadblocks, but I’m trying my best not to give up on myself or my dreams because it’s really important to me. Giving up is simply not an option. It’s do or die at this point.

When you are up against something that feels bigger than yourself you’ve just got to dig deeper and really hang in there. This goes for anything you want to accomplish in life, you know? Other people might say you can’t do it. The past might say you can’t do it. Your current circumstances might say you can’t do it. Heck, you might even say you can’t do it. However, if we really want it like we say we do, we’ll stick with it because there comes a point where you can’t imagine living another day without it.

So, if you’re struggling with your goals and you feel like you’ll never get there, do like Dory and just keep swimming. Don’t stop. Don’t doubt. Don’t give in. You can do it. If you have to take itty-bitty baby steps, that’s totally cool. No one is judging you, but if they are, ignore it…they’re totally lame haha. No matter how slow you go, you will reach your destination eventually—just keep going.

And if you ever need support or just want to rant and rave about how long and bumpy your personal journey has been, you know where to find me. ❤



Written by nellsinaeternum

Just a girl lost in a daydream who is trying her best to color inside of the lines like everyone else, but is finding the act of smearing watercolor outside of the lines much, much more enjoyable.


  1. Good job on losing them pounds even if they are flu related but still it sounds like you are doing all the right things! I used to love weight training. I dont think i reached 10lbs though so that’s really awesome. I only eat one meal a day too, usually on the evening. Keto is meant to be good so i guess it doesnt hurt to try… if it doesnt work for you then at least you can say you tried it :)! Keep up the good work and i’m sure you will feel much better in no time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love weights too—it’s my favorite. Yeah, some people love Keto and swear by it, but some people think it is the worst diet ever. Both arguments make perfect sense to me, but I like playing human guinea pig sometimes lol. It is worth trying it just to see how my body reacts…even if only for a short duration. 🙂 If nothing else, it will make a funny post. Thanks so much for the encouraging words! 💪

      Liked by 1 person

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