For some, what I’m about to say may seem extremely weird and unsettling. Super logical types may roll their eyes and ask me if my doctor has “checked my medication recently”. When I scoff at them, letting them know that I actually don’t take any medications, they’ll probably suck their teeth at me and quip, “Yeah? Well, maybe you should.”

For others, what I’m about to say may not only seem perfectly normal, but eerily relatable. New age-ish, peace, love and happiness types whose everyday lives are governed by the Law of attraction (LOA) might even be excited to hear about the peculiar “inspirations” I’ve been having lately.

Where do I even start when talking about something this unusual? Should I start at the beginning? The middle? The end? Let’s just ramble and see where disorganization lands us. This post might be a long one though, so please forgive any potential typos, grab yourself a snack and kick back.

Soooo…I think I’ve been getting energetic glimpses of who my next romantic partner will be. I know, right? Even if I’m completely full of crap and the logic freaks are totally right about the whole medication thing, I’ve got to admit that the experience has still been pretty freaking cool.

I guess when it comes to abnormal stuff, metaphysical stuff, paranormal stuff and the like, I subscribe to things that aren’t always popular or widely accepted. I think aliens are probably out there somewhere, if not posing as the human hunk of flesh that lives next door. As far as I’m concerned, ghosts are real. At least, they are in my house. Don’t believe me? Live with me for a few months…you’ll probably wish you hadn’t. I also believe in God. Are those atheists I hear laughing at me or just the ghosts again? Who really knows?

Over the years, I’ve researched so many fascinating theories and schools of thought. Some things seem to have some serious credibility, while other things smell fishier than Fisherman’s Wharf. Of all the “stranger” things I believe in, I believe in the perception and exchange of energy. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’m a bit of an empath, which is why being around other people often drains me beyond belief. Therefore, I spend a lot of time alone…often being perfectly quiet.

Strange Happenings

My quiet time usually comes as a necessity for studying, writing or reading, but I also like to meditate and reconnect with source. It is during these quiet moments that I tend to “see” things. Wait, that’s not right…“hear” things? Oh gosh, that sounds worse! “Come to know” things? That…is probably as close as I am going to get. Long story short, I often get impressions about things before they happen. Now, I would never say something off the wall like, “I’m psychic! Call me now for yer free readin’!” (Remember Miss Cleo?) I can’t even say, “I know the future!” I don’t. You guys, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast, much less tell you what I will want to do an hour from now. Yet, I do sometimes know things before they happen.

What kinds of things? Well, I’ve had three people come to me in dreams to tell me they were getting ready to die. And then they did. I’ve sensed people getting ready to fall seriously ill, lose their job or have something amazing happen to them. I’ve sensed when people are complete bad news, even when they were still acting like the nicest people on Earth. There have been times when I’ve known exact neighborhoods that people would find homes in or times I’ve suggested that someone take a detour only to find out there was an accident that took place on their normal route. Due to this, I’ve learned to rely on my intuition and “impressions” more than anything else. It has saved me so much unwanted trouble!

It is impossible for me to list all of the weird stuff I’ve known and shouldn’t. I’m hardly special though. I know that other people can do similar things. All I can say for myself is that it is getting creepier and more accurate the older I get. When things like this would first happen, I would sort of ignore it because things would happen way, way after the fact. By then, I would only remember I’d previously “seen” it due to reading an older entry in a journal or by having someone I told about it remind me. Nowadays, I can have something hit me a few weeks, a few days or even an hour before it happens. As weird as it can be, I find it oddly entertaining and helpful.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Something I’ve come to determine along the way is that nothing happens by sheer “coincidence”. At least, not for me. Not a day goes by without me running across so many “coincidences” that even the biggest naysayers I know can’t deny that it’s super weird. Back when I first learned about the LOA, I understood the principles behind synchronicity. It is said that you’ll know when you are in alignment with your true path in life when you start seeing synchronicities popping up throughout your life. However, back then, I honestly didn’t understand coincidences to be so closely linked to synchronicity (I don’t know why). Then again, my life wasn’t quite so full of “coincidences” then, which may be why I never made the connection. These days? Totally different story.

I bring up coincidences, synchronicities and such because they have been so profound lately. Whenever I notice them peaking in such a familiar manner, I always pay extra close attention to what happens next. It is during these spikes in alignment that something wildly interesting usually happens to me. For me, these life-changing events usually follow a deeply depressing time in my life. I get depressed, I stay depressed for a good while and then BAM!—I start to see a spike in weird “coincidences”. Next, I get a sudden energetic “impression” of something (or someone) that actually shows up in my life a month or two later.

This has been such a cyclical pattern throughout my life that I know it like clockwork. Usually, the epiphany makes me feel like, oh wow…cool. You know, it might be exciting and unexpected, but it isn’t necessarily anything that blows my mind or leaves me dumbfounded. However, I’m so intrigued by my latest energetic “vision” that I’m actually nervous.

History Repeating

Anyone who knows me knows I am like a petulant child when it comes to keeping a reasonable bedtime. I never want to sleep, so I keep erratic sleeping hours. No day is the same. So while everyone else is sound asleep, I am wide awake doing who knows what. Although it sometimes gets boring being awake and not having anyone to interact with because they are…asleep (duh), I get a lot of work done thanks to the peace and quiet. And so, it has been during the wee hours of recent nights that I’ve sensed…someone. Not a moaning spirit roaming the halls. Not an alien imposter living down the road. It was a person who wasn’t anywhere near me, yet…they were.

Let me go ahead and stop myself right here. I know how crazy this may sound to some of you, but hang in there with me. I would think I had a couple screws loose too if this hadn’t happened to me before. You see, a few years ago, I was going through a similar period in life as I am now. Highly depressed, yada, yada, yada, strange “vision” of a perfect stranger and then BAM!: Unintentional, (then) unexpected manifestation of the guy I’d envisioned. Although I’d practiced the LOA for a few years by then and had manifested many things, I’d never accidentally manifested a person. That’s exactly what happened though.

Over the course of a few days, I’d gotten this weird, unshakable feeling that I was going to meet a guy and have a long-term relationship with him. I knew he’d be a gamer, have dark hair and have a football player’s build. Though I never could “see” his face or any real detailed specifics about his physical characteristics, I could “feel” him energetically. I knew how he would feel to me when we were together…how he would treat me. That emotion was very distinct. It was something I’d never felt before, so I was confident that if I met someone like him, I would recognize him based on his energy alone.

Though I had no idea what was going on with me and I didn’t place any stock in the experience at first, I did end up meeting the guy only a month and a half later. I actually recognized him as the owner of the energy I’d sensed the first moment I laid eyes on him. I could energetically feel him before I ever met him, which I still can’t understand to this day. Now I wonder if it is happening again.

Now, if you have never experienced this before, I’m going to have a hard time being concise about what it feels like. My best and shortest explanation would be: It feels exactly like being next to your sister, brother, friend, grandma, or dog. When you are familiar with someone, you know their aura or their energy. It should be pretty exclusive to them, like knowing their voice, scent, handwriting or something. Being next to your dad doesn’t feel like being next to the random guy standing behind you at Chipotle; some energy simply feels more familiar. So if you were blindfolded and stood in a room with someone you couldn’t see, you should be able to energetically sense and recognize someone you’re close to better than a total stranger.

When I have these energetic “previews”, it feels as though I’m in the person’s presence, only I have no idea who they are. They feel starkly foreign, but wonderfully familiar at the same time. When it happens, it really grabs my attention like a jolt to my system—an interruption to my life’s regular programming. Over the last week or so, I’ve had about five abrupt energetic glimpses of some guy. Gosh, I’m so rude. “Some guy”, like he’s a pile of rubbish in a dumpster. If my past experiences are anything to go off of, he’s probably a real person who is walking around doing God only knows what.

Ugh. So creepy.

Opposites Attract?

Anyway, I’ve “learned” some things about “him” (whoever he is). But based off of what I know, I’m not sure if I’d even be into the guy (or vice versa) lol. The reason for this is that he is not my usual type at all! Not. At. All. Okay, so maybe my previous relationships were complete and utter flops—big deal! That doesn’t mean I should be with someone I’m actually compatible with. All jokes aside, “my type” probably shouldn’t have been my type in the first place. Maybe who I sensed isn’t who I think I’d want to be with, but perhaps the type I should be with?

He Is An Alpha Male

If I hadn’t been able to gather anything else from these energetic “moments” of mine, I couldn’t have missed that this guy has some seriously dominant energy. This was actually the most prominent quality I noticed about him. He’s a guy’s guy through and through. His opinions and actions aren’t swayed unless he wants them to be, so his way is usually best in his eyes—good luck changing it. I definitely sensed the energy of a headstrong, brave and decisive individual with great leadership skills. I’m not around that kind of energy often at all, so it really surprised me when I felt it. It was almost overwhelmingly intense.

His energy is so strong, I think even I would have a difficult time going toe to toe with him. Truth be told, I have a very dominant personality for a woman. I’m outspoken, highly opinionated and the idea of potentially being overruled by a man makes me want to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog (lol). That being said, most of my past boyfriends have been the exact opposite. I have traditionally fallen for the meek and passive types, so I’m not sure how dating an alpha male would go.

You Can’t Miss Him In A Crowd

From what I can gather, this is a guy who is hard to ignore. However, I can’t figure out why this would be. The energy doesn’t feel particularly boisterous and rowdy, BUT it does feel extremely vibrant. It feels like someone whose aura instantly brightens the mood of a place, so perhaps they are an extremely positive and upbeat person. Additionally, I wondered if they have a distinct manner of dress, tattoos or an attention getting hairstyle. It feels as though people have the habit of turning around to look at him when he enters a room, but I’m not sure exactly why that would be. I just know that something about the way he presents himself to the world is larger than life.

This is extremely odd because none of my exes were like this. For the most part, they were just average, everyday guys with little to no fashion sense lol. Though very nice, they didn’t have big personalities or possess what I would call “star quality”. This isn’t a bad thing though. I mean, I picked them lol. If I wanted star quality maybe I would have gone out and looked for that. I am a pretty low-key person who wouldn’t necessarily appreciate people staring at me all the time, so I don’t know how comfortable I would be dating someone who constantly called attention to themselves, you know?

The Energizer Bunny Social Butterfly

Another major quality that I sensed with this foreign energy was an interesting mixture of high energy/activity surrounding social situations. It felt as though he is someone who has never met a stranger; he’s the type of person who befriends everyone. They seem like the type to go out and spend a considerable bit of free time socializing with friends and family. Sitting at home doing nothing would probably drive them mad if they did it too often.

First of all, I’m a Cancer. I love spending time with people I care about, but I especially love spending time in my safe haven (aka my home). As I previously mentioned, frequently going out among lots of people often zaps my energy, so going out on the town several nights a week would probably be quite difficult for me.

Additionally, most of my previous partners have been socially awkward wallflowers. Though they were never anti-social, they usually stuck to their small circle of friends and often went out far less than I liked to! I’ve never considered dating someone who was extremely popular and social, but hey, maybe it would be a nice change in pace.

He’s (Super) Athletic

Muscles. I clearly sensed muscles.Believe it or not, that has never been an aesthetic I’ve been attracted to. Though I don’t think he’s running around chugging protein powder 24/7 and lifting buildings over his shoulder like the Hulk, I definitely sense that he is very involved with athletics. I mean, it feels so much apart of his life that he could be an actual professional athlete (though I’m not sure if they are or not).

It doesn’t seem to be a simple matter of going to the gym and staying fit either; most of his life seems to revolve around a particular sport or activity. My first assumptions were the normal sports: football, basketball, soccer, baseball. Nope. Nope. Nope and nope. The energy didn’t fit any of them. It feels more like boxing or MMA…something where the competition is more solitary, more one on one. It also seems as though running was a key component in their life. Regardless, they are clearly athletically gifted.

Once again, none of my exes were the athletic types. The vast majority of them were nerdy gamers whose idea of a workout was an all day gaming session. Sure, they’d break a sweat, but it wasn’t from hitting weights or anything lol. Dating an athletic person would certainly be good for me, but I’m about as athletic as a raw potato. I have always shied away from athletic guys for fear that I would look stupid. After all, I’m a creator. I like certain sports here and there, but even when I was a skinny twig, I wasn’t an “athlete”. My finest athletic achievement was being a cheerleader, and even then, I only did it for the cute skirts, hair bows and pom poms.

He’s Highly Protective (Maybe Even Low-key Jealous)

In all of the “visions” I’ve had, this individual has given off a very strong vibe as being someone who would be protective over me. I felt that we’d spend a lot of time together due to him wanting to spend time together as much as possible (maybe even too much at times). Though never violent, I did sense that he wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for any of his loved ones at the drop of a dime. I also got the impression that jealousy could play a role if he felt that someone was undermining him or flirting, so that was interesting as well.

He Has Dark Blonde/Golden Brown Hair

When I kept sensing that this was someone with light hair, I was almost sad lol. Ever since the beginning of time, I have mostly been attracted to guys with dark hair. It doesn’t have to necessarily be black, but a medium to dark brown is usually the key to my heart. It’s just so cute to me! Eh. Maybe I’m biased though. Anyhow, I’m not sure that I’ll be dating a guy with chocolate tresses next time around. From what little I could make out of the mystery guy’s physical appearance, his hair seems dark blonde to golden brown.

He Doesn’t Play Video Games

What? Really? How could that be a good potential match for me? I love games. Like, love. While it has never been mandatory for a mate of mine to like playing as much as I do, it’s always been nice to have that particular hobby in common. From what I gathered, this mystery individual doesn’t hate games, he just isn’t into them. Boo!

He’s Young-ish

To be honest, I couldn’t ascertain the guy’s age this time around. With my ex, I knew he would be very close to my age (and he was). The new energy feels young-ish like he’d be around my age, but yet there is this feeling that he may not be as young as he portrays. It could be that he’s my same age, but has a childlike spirit. Or, perhaps he’s much older than myself, but looks and behaves much younger than he actually is. I feel as though he loves to laugh and is a bit of a jokester (perhaps even a routine prankster). His energy feels carefree, warm hearted and inquisitive. Spontaneity is their middle name.

Likes Fast Things

This definitely feels like the energy of a speed loving daredevil. From thrill rides at amusement parks to speedboats and sports cars, I think he thoroughly loves a good adrenaline rush. Though I love fast cars, I have a feeling that this guy would be a bit extreme at times. They’d probably want me to participate in things that would scare the daylights out of me, which actually concerns me quite a bit. I am all about self-preservation, so I’m not exactly a risk-taking speed demon.

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way/Cost Is No Object

Based on what I’ve sensed, this is someone who doesn’t believe in limits, obstacles or restrictions of any kind. Highly confident, they believe in infinite opportunity and getting exactly what they want out of life. It was very interesting because I had a vision of them shopping for a costly gift that I refused to accept, which led me to believe that they don’t view money as a limited resource that should be hoarded. I got the impression that they are rather liberal (yet still responsible) with their finances, spending whatever is required to achieve their goals. I sense a caring and charitable vibe, so this may be someone who goes out of their way to help other people and make them happy.

Only Time Will Tell

I’m sure you’re wondering how I came to “know” all of these things in such detail. That part is hard to explain. During my “visions” or whatever you’d like to call them…I see myself interacting with someone. It comes in a daydream almost (in my mind’s eye), only it pops into my head at random. I might be typing, taking a shower, watching a movie, whatever. I will be doing something else, but like deja vu, I “see” a sudden flash of a particular scene that forcefully interrupts my current train of thought.

In that brief spark of time, it feels so real. It’s honestly gone as quickly as it comes, but in those brief moments I can see how we’d get along. I mean, once I saw myself actually kicking him in the leg and trying to trip him (playfully) in response to him trying to push me over (also playfully). I never kick people lol, but it showed me that we would have a relationship where friendly banter and horseplay was commonplace.

By now, this guy’s energy has popped up enough over the last week or two for me to safely say that I’d recognize it’s owner if I ever came across them. Based on energy alone, I can tell that they are very much unlike anyone I know or could imagine myself being with in a romantic capacity. Even so, I really like the energy when it manifests itself; I always feel happy and excited when it does. Providing that this is a real person, I’d be quite curious to meet them and see how we’d get along. I’m sure it would be a fun time, if nothing else.

It makes me wonder what this whole “energy” thing is all about. I mean, I don’t even know what to call it. I know I’m not formulating this guy in my head because he sounds nothing like my idea of the “ideal” guy for me! All the same, the energy came from somewhere. My logical side wants to explain everything away by saying, “It must be the unconscious mind taking qualities from men I admire before throwing them together to conjure up an energetic ‘imprint’ of someone I’d unconsciously like to be with.” That makes sense, but how is it I’ve had this experience before and the same guy I “sensed” suddenly popped up in real life??

Perhaps it is the LOA. Could it be that I am once again so well aligned with the universe and my higher purpose that I’ve attracted an energetic sneak peak of the type of person that would be a good match for me? I mean, I have been wanting to find someone who is what I need opposed to what I simply want, but how do I know what I need? I sure haven’t thus far! What if I manifested my last boyfriend simply because I’d been in agreement with the energy I had sensed? After all, what you think about, you bring about. Perhaps I had liked what I’d seen so much that I’d offered no resistance to it, which allowed him to pop into my life virtually overnight. Or, maybe this is no different than other events in my life and I’m seeing things before they occur.

Have you ever sensed the energy of a perfect stranger only to actually meet them at a later date? I’d really love to chat with people who have experienced this phenomenon or something similar because it is rather unusual. I’d like to learn more about what it is or even how to further develop it.

And of course, I’ll be sure to let you all know if Mr. Mystery pops up! 😛


Written by nellsinaeternum

Just a girl lost in a daydream who is trying her best to color inside of the lines like everyone else, but is finding the act of smearing watercolor outside of the lines much, much more enjoyable.

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